about us

READS Rural Education And Development Society is a registered voluntary organization involved in the education, health and rural development activities in Thiruvannamalai district 7 young professional and like-minded people joined together and started this organization since 1992. It is registered under Tamil Nadu societies Registration Act. It is mainly focusing on ‘empowerment of the people in remote rural villages of Thiruvannamalai Dt the poorest of the development.’ It believes in people’s ability to respond their own situations by creating awareness on their needs and the resources available to satisfy the needs through collective efforts.


READS’ Vision is Empowerment of people in remote villages to access community facilities and exercise their rights. 


  • To form women Self Help Groups
  • To mobilize the local human and material resources for development by building up an attitude of self help among the people
  • To organize workshops, seminars and training programmes
  • To impart formal and continuing, education, technical education, agriculture and animal husbandry training and consultancy
  • To impart care and treatment for PLHA’s and prevention projects of HIV/AIDS programme
  • To impart NCD (Non Communicable Disease)
  • To impart Women and Children Health issues
  • To impart Child Production Care